What is the investment for an Heirloom Bouquet custom art piece?

The heirloom bouquet starts at $442 and go up to $1500, for our fully framed and matted largest option. Cost is heavily influenced by particular floral used in your bouquet.

When will I receive my Heirloom Bouquet custom art piece?

Our turnaround, from purchase to delivery, is different for each order because of each flowers growing season is different. But for an average bouquet, expect a turnaround time of 6-12 weeks from purchase.

What if I don’t know the names of the flowers in my bouquet?

The best way to figure out exactly what floral is in your bouquet is to email your wedding florist. We cannot give you an accurate quote without knowing all the floral in your bouquet.

Will my Heirloom Bouquet custom art piece look identical to my wedding bouquet?

We source the same kind of floral and try our very hardest to acquire the same color or closest possible color to the floral that is used in your bouquet. Example: There are quite a few different shades of pink that are considered “blush”. And we will try our best to match your particular shade of “blush” but please note that because of the nature of the product, artistic license is reserved and it could be a shade different.

We also label each flower by it’s common type. (I.e. We will label a Pecher Peony as “Peony”)

When can I expect a reply to my inquiry/email?

We realize your time is precious and because of that we will get back to your email within 24 hours and will respond with a quote for your inquiry within 48 hours Monday-Friday. If we receive an inquiry/email over the weekend we will get to it asap on Monday.

Would you supply an Heirloom Bouquet art piece in a styled shoot or some type of collaboration?

Yes! We love collaborating! Please fill out our form here or email us

I am a wedding vendor and would love to have information about The Heirloom Bouquet on hand for my clients, do you have anything I could give to them?

Yes, contact us at and we will get some business cards sent out to you asap!