We value the mastery of an artisan-made heirloom that leaves a legacy. We also value the art of modern bouquet preservation. Because of our commitment to fine art printing, each Heirloom Bouquet is crafted with the finest materials and the utmost attention to detail.


Reach out to us and we will send you over a quote for your Heirloom Bouquet piece. You can then overnight your bouquet after the wedding day. We suggest chatting with your florist that you will be overnighting your bouquet to get their tips on how to make sure your bouquet is kept intact and healthy during it’s travel to us.


Once we receive an inquiry we begin gathering specific information for your unique flat lay composition, in order to assure the highest quality standards are met. We’ll work out how long the complete turnaround will be which all depends on how long it takes to source your floral (with the average complete art piece start-to-finish being a few months), your choice of backdrop color- cream, mist, english, and ash- the specific size of your print and whether or not you’d prefer it matted and framed and deliver the solidified price for your Heirloom Bouquet print.

 As soon as the bouquet is purchased and the terms and conditions are signed, the fine art production process begins. Our hand-selected florist is skilled in the art of floral preservation and will spend hours cleaning, trimming, processing, and hydrating duplicates of the blooms and greenery used in your wedding bouquet. In order to curate a proper preservation of the flowers and foliage, this process is repeated 2 – 5 times over the next 48 hours until the blooms reach their prime. To ensure that the bouquet is properly maintained, the flowers are then preserved in a floral cooler until our stylist is ready to arrange the flat-lay.


Your Heirloom Bouquet is then intricately styled into a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind composition and skillfully photographed. In the final phase of the print’s architecture, each bloom is titled by way of custom hand calligraphy, and the inscriptions are positioned beside each corresponding flower.

To ensure superior care for the product, each piece is then carefully printed, securely packaged in thick cardboard and bubblewrap, and shipped to your home.


Each timetable, from the time your order until it’s delivered to your door, is different based on your florals availability but for the average bouquet the turnaround time is between six-twelve weeks.

Modern Bouquet Preservation
modern wedding bouquet preservation
Modern Bouquet Preservation