Looking for a little more guidance on what to expect from us and your Heirloom Bouquet piece from here on out. We created a timeline for you to reference so you know exactly what to expect with your Heirloom Bouquet piece. If you do ever have any specific questions that are not answered here please feel free to reach out to us via email. We can’t wait to preserve this memory for you!

modern bouquet preservation

I. REACH OUT. Contact us via our contact form to get your order underway.

II. SOLIDIFY YOUR OPTIONS AND PAY THE DEPOSIT. Though your options can be changed up until we receive your bouquet, it is best to solidify those details earlier on so that once your bouquet arrives to us everything is squared away. We will then send over an invoice for you to pay online of a $50 down payment to hold your bouquet in our system.

modern bouquet preservation

III. READ OVER OUR SHIPPING TIPS. We’ve created a page of tips complete with images for how best to send your bouquet to us so that we receive it with minimal damage. You can view that page here. This way you will have all the knowledge you need for how best to send your bouquet out to us. If you follow our tips then your bouquet should arrive in great condition.

modern bouquet preservation

IV. PAY YOUR FINAL PAYMENT. A couple weeks out from your wedding date we will send over another online invoice for the remaining amount along with Terms & Conditions. By paying the invoice you agree to terms and conditions. We cannot complete your piece until the final payment is made. If you would like the option of paying online via credit card just let us know and we will add a 3% processing fee to your invoice which will then allow you to pay via credit card.

V. WEDDING DAY!!! Yay!! Enjoy your big day! We suggest keeping your bouquet as hydrated as possible throughout the day so the blooms stay as luscious as possible.

VI. SHIP YOUR BOUQUET TO US & SEND US YOUR LIST OF FLORAL NAMES. The day after the wedding or as soon as possible we ask that you ship your bouquet to us because the sooner we receive it the better it will look. We ask that you follow our shipping tips as closely as possible as each tip is there for a specific reason. You can then ship your bouquet and include your paid invoice to:

The Heirloom Bouquet

9 Sunset Rd.

Scarborough ME, 04074

DO NOT SHIP US YOUR BOUQUET WITHOUT CONTACTING US FIRST. We do not guarantee that your bouquet will be able to be preserved if you do not contact us first.

DO NOT REQUIRE A SIGNATURE. FedEx knows exactly where to bring the boxes and we are sometimes not available for their delivery.

After you’ve shipped your bouquet, please send us a list of all the floral in your bouquet so we can confirm which flowers are yours. Please reach out to your florist to get the exact list of floral.

modern bouquet preservation

VII. WE CREATE! We will receive your bouquet, fix and rehydrate any blooms that need some help, and then get started on creating. Once your piece is created we will have the calligraphy drawn up, and then have your piece printed, matted, and framed if applicable. Because of the custom nature of it this, it typically takes 6-12 weeks from start to finish.