modern bouquet preservation


Inspired by classic french linen this stone washed backdrop pairs well with most floral and greenery and adds a touch of warmth to the blossoms.

modern bouquet preservation


Like a springtime rain this soft grey European linen has hints of blue which pair fabulously with light greens, bringing balance to both bright hues and muted tones within your bouquet.

modern bouquet preservation


Inspired by the stucco of an English countryside home this backdrop, with it’s off-white color and rigid texture, is the perfect complement to the soft velvet texture of the floral.

modern bouquet preservation


Crafted for the modern interior, our Ash Linen complements bright and bold colors giving your bouquet strength and contrast.

Sizing Options

11×14, 16×20, 24×30, 30×40

Framing Options

Black, Natural, White (Matted or Unmatted)

NOTE: Backdrop colors, sizes, and framing options are final upon purchase. No changes can be made.