We offer different options of backdrops as well as different sizing, framing, and matting options so that your piece is a conversation starter in your home!



A gray with slight blue undertones perfect for any bouquet and matches any home interior


A neutral beige color that is perfect for any bouquet and matches any home interior


A lightly textured white that is perfect for most bouquets, however, white flowers tend to not show as well. 


A black color perfect for modern interiors. Works well with most bouquets except for dark bouquets.

*Every backdrop will look slightly different with each bouquet as colors reflected off of flowers can cause a slight color cast.

**We suggest choosing a backdrop based on your homes interiors.


Not only can you customize the size of your print but we also offer options to have your piece just printed, printed & framed, or printed, matted & framed. You can also choose your frame color option. Below are some examples.

white frame

24×30 White Frame with Mat on Cream Backdrop

natural frame

16×20 Natural Frame with Mat on English Backdrop

black frame

11×14 Black Frame without Mat on Cream Backdrop

16×20 Gold Frame with Mat on Cream Backdrop